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Atamai Xero Pro Table

Atamai Xero Pro Table

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Specifications :

Size :18x17x 30(inches)

Weight : 15.0 Kg

The Table part that comes out is 34 inches by 16 inches -

Material :

This one of a Kind Furniture is made of Water Proof MDF -

Descriptions :

Atamai XERO Pro Table(It Looks Like a Zero Table but has an X Factor) is a one of a kind piece of furniture ,made by a Professional for a Professional, which will make your Space Looks Bigger and Smarter - It comes with 34 inches by 16 inches table top(that comes out of Xero) that could easily be used as your work as well as Study station -It also comes with two shelves for storage of things such as Files , Documents as well as your Laptop.

In How Much time will it be dispatched?

For Now , These tables are being manufactured on a Made to Order Basis , Therefore After you place your Order , Atamai Xero Pro Table will be dispatched within 7-8 working days -

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