Kidmee On Rent

What is Kidmee on Rent ?

“Kidmee on Rent” is an inititative by Kidmee where in you can buy your favourite Kidmee Product – use them for a certain period of time – 3 Months/6 Months/9 Months and return the Product back to Kidmee -You will only be charged for the time you use the product –
How does Kidmee on Rent Work ?
Based on your choice made out of 3 Months/6 Months/9 Months – Kidmee will dispatch the product – Initially taking the Full Product Price + Shipping Charge –
When the product is shipped back to Kidmee and Product is found to be intact and not damaged within the permissible Limit -You will be refunded back the Amount = Amount Paid by you(Product Price) <minus> Rent of the Product .
In what time I need to return the Product Back to Kidmee?
If you choose 3 Months – Then The cycle of 3 Months will be counted from the day you receive the product – Once the 3 Months are Over -You will have 7 working days to dispatch the Product back to Kidmee -If you fail to return the Product within the time Limit – The Product will be deemed as sold to you.
Do I need to Pay the Shipping Charge Twice ?
No , You will only need to pay the shipping charge Once -while buying the Product – At the time of returning Back the Product to Kidmee – You will inform Kidmee ,Once the Product is properly packed -Kidmee will arrange for the Pick Up.
When will i get Back the Balance Amount ?
Once the Product reaches Kidmee , There will be an inspection and If everything is found to be OK with damages under permissible limits – Your Balance Amount will be credited Back to you within 3-4 Business working days.

In case you have more queries or questions about “Kidmee on Rent’ You can Whatsapp the same to Mr Niraj(+91-9818222494) –