About Us

The Kidmee Story !!

Kidmee was born with my son Niaansh , as he is growing up he is surrounded by sea of Plastic Toys and being a parent i am very particular about what type of toys my son plays with as i need to make sure that smallest of things such as Toys of Niaansh should not become part of a Big Problem that is plaguing our environment – “PLASTIC” .

As parents of Niaansh , we are very particular about the type of toys Niaansh plays with and with Kidmee we are trying to put up a “No Plastic ” Ecofriendly solution to our problem.

Our main focus at Kidmee is to manufacture toys which are “Not Plastic” but eco friendly toys . Our purpose is to become a Part of the Solution and not part of the Growing Plastic Problem.

And , with Kidmee Toys Niaansh is also learning the value of how to value Mother Nature in a much better way .

We as parents would now like to help other Parents to make their kids , part of the Kidmee Story and in a small little way contribute to nature.

The choices we make today, decide what kind of world we can leave for our children.With Kidmee we are moving forward in the right direction.

And , with our Make in India Promise Kidmee is also helping the local artisans by giving them a great opportunity to showcase their skillsets which would had been not possible otherwise.

Therefore , i would request Parents all over the world lets join “the Kidmee Movement” wherein we solve the “Plastic Problem ” , one Kidmee Toy at a time.